What to expect during a visit to our Emergency Dental Clinic in Denver?

A well-trained team to give initial relief to your ailment and specialized dentists to take over the case.

Ours is an emergency dental clinic in Denver with experienced dentists ready to tackle complex problems. The team has faced different blood-curdling situations in numerous events and is well-trained to do so further. So, when you visit our Emergency Dental Clinic in Denver, you can expect everything to benefit you.   

  • When the reason for pain is unknown, the patient would be taken to do some tests for diagnosis. During this session, the doctor will ask necessary questions to track the duration of pain and reason.
  • If the reason is wisdom teeth, the dentists will proceed with an X-ray and anesthesia.
  • In terms of knocked-out tooth, dentists disinfect it, clean the debris from the wounded part, and reattach the tooth. When the knock-out time exceeds the usual time, root canal remains the only option, and reattach becomes a question. 
  • Fist fights, athlete accidents, or baby accidents need extra care and immediate medication. In an emergency, our dentists operate, put on braces and a dental cap, do dental veneers, etc. 

After the emergency treatment, the patients will be prescribed medicines and a follow-up routine. Seldom are the patients kept for post-op when the condition is worst.

However, before visiting a dentist for emergency treatment, follow some do’s and don’ts to avoid further damage. Following the initial steps you took, the emergency team will disinfect your injury, and dentists will take over.

What to expect during a visit to our Emergency Dental Clinic

Do’s and Don’ts Before Emergency Treatment at a Dentist

  • Do’s: Try to preserve the avulsed or knocked-out tooth in a proper manner so that dentists can put it back. 

Don’ts: Don’t touch the root and reposition it yourself without disinfecting it. 

  • Do’s: when you feel extreme pain, floss with mouthwash in order to remove debris. Then, immediately consult the dentist because extreme pain can be the result of anything serious.

Don’ts: don’t prick your teeth or gums when you are already in pain. This may lead to gum abscesses, and infections may spread.

  • Do’s: if the injury of a broken tooth causes too much bleeding or gum bleeds, try to compress the injured area. You can use cold water and ice cubes to restrain the bleeding. Be careful of broken pieces and use sterilized gauges.

Don’ts: don’t use aspirin in the injured area because this way, tissues are harmed and get damaged. Don’t avoid consultation with a dentist later.

These few steps keep the injury safe from internal damage to veins and nerves. People often believe these first-aids are the real remedies and ignore further consultation from dentists. 

Ignoring emergency situation and relying on DIY remedies worsen the situation to the extent that infections spread underneath the throat. Toothache is linked with other health issues like blurry vision, eye pain, or mouth infections.

Therefore, it’s always better to seek emergency help from dentists. Being aware of such difficulty, the Emergency Dental Clinic has opened 24- hour emergency service.